The Project

GAAB – the Grand Asian Art Bazaar – is a brand new art fair of Contemporary Asian Art representing private galleries and institutions of the region
Yishen 21, 2013

The concept of GAAB reflects the wide geographical spread of the participants, ranging from the Middle East to Eastern Asia. In between the annual fairs GAAB is planned to occupy a niche of online art trade including a virtual gallery and a specialized auction. GAAB is planned to be held annually between the end of May and the beginning of June in Warsaw, Poland. The nearest dates are: June 7-10, 2018.

The project was called ‘The Great Silk Road 2.0’ already a year before its launch. Its name refers to a trade route from China to overseas countries that passed through Poland in Medieval times

Denis Belkevich, CEO of GAAB: “Being the fastest-growing contemporary art market in the World, Asian art market is expanding its borders by involving increasingly more countries from the region. In recent years Asia has brought out on the international art scene a number of talented young artists from South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, India and others. At the same time, contemporary Asian art has become more Western-focused. Asian art needed to be represented in Europe, as a central point between Hong-Kong and New York, and now this need is being realized in the GAAB project. We strongly believe that the rising number of European collectors will contribute towards the growth of the Asian art market”

Sacrificial Offering, 2015