Starting from 2018 Warsaw, Poland launches an ambitious cross-cultural project named WAСAW, Warsaw Asian Contemporary Art Week
Boomerang, 2010

WACAW will present a series of exhibitions and related programs that feature a broad spectrum of contemporary art, design and new media from across Asia: workshops, discussion panels, an academic art forum and a trade platform. WACAW is an initiative of the Warsaw Institute for Modern and Contemporary Asian Art.

WACAW is planned to be held annually between in the beginning of June. The nearest dates are: June 4-10, 2018

The centerpiece is GAAB, the Grand Asian Art Bazaar – a brand new art fair of contemporary Asian art representing private galleries and institutions of the region. The concept of GAAB reflects the geographic spread of the participants – from the Middle East to Eastern Asia. In between the annual fairs GAAB is planned to occupy a niche of online art trade including a virtual gallery and a specialized auction.

Silent Ocean 13, 2010

Exhi bition

The exhibition program of WACAW focuses mainly on modern and contemporary Asian art and design. It offers a dialogue between the past and present, tradition and innovation, and local and global concerns, as well as drawing attention to the continuities and differences in various Asian art forms over the centuries.

The projects already selected for 2018 will be announced on November, 1st
In Foreign Climes, 2014

Confe rence

Starting from 2018 WACAW introduces an academic art conference ‘The Great Silk Road 2.0.’ devoted to cutting-edge issues in contemporary Asian art: international recognition, curatorship, art & finance, cross-country collaboration, etc. Each year the conference will choose a curated theme trying to evoke animated discussions not only for the speakers but also for the attendees to express their point of view. We hope that the conference will become one of the largest and most significant annual art forums devoted to contemporary Asian art.

‘The Great Silk Road 2.0.’ will bring together a diverse lineup of artists and art historians; the list of attendees also includes critics, anthropologists, experts, curators, gallery owners, art dealers, patrons, marketing specialists, representatives of various museums, auction houses and exhibition venues, as well as journalists, art-bloggers and students of art schools. The conference will run over three days and take place at GAAB.

The topic for the WACAW Conference 2018 and call for papers will be announced later this year